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Two bedroom apartments

Three bedroom apartments
from $1,400,000

The horizon is yours. Rising above the joyful and relaxed atmosphere of Landsborough Parade, The Oscar will be an elegant, sculptural landmark.

The building’s curves reflect the gentle contours of the seaside while inviting sunlight into the collection of two and three bedroom apartments, creating warm, bright, airy spaces that take in the seaside air and enjoy expansive views of picturesque Moreton Bay.

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The Oscar Scarborough lifestyle mixes seaside ambience, quiet streets, boardwalks, and must-visit eateries. It’s days out sailing, a trip to the ice-cream store, a walk along the beach before dinner, and then relaxing on the balcony, watching the afternoon fade into the evening and the moon glisten over the sea to the horizon.

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The Redcliffe Peninsular is a place to bask in the sun, stroll along the jetty and splash on the sand bars. Once a playground for Brisbane holidaymakers and day-trippers, Scarborough, with its seaside air and relaxed atmosphere, is fast becoming more than a destination to just visit, it’s a place to call home - a bustling bayside village you can enjoy every day.

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Space: it’s something we all desire. At The Oscar, it’s a commodity that can be found in abundance. Seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces blur the lines between the home and the bay beyond.

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71 Landsborough Avenue, Scarborough